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The Most Unique Golf Courses in the World

Yes, there’s plenty of amazing golf courses to play around the globe but if you’re looking to tee off from somewhere quite different, downright unusual even, then the following golf clubs get our pick. 

Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, USA

Designed by Pete Dye this course was intended to somewhat mimic the golfing landscape of Ireland. Which, at the time was quite the project considering the canvas he had to work with, you see Whistling Straits is the site of a former army base. Concrete bunkers, an airstrip and underground fuel storage tanks had to be removed to make the course playable. Since then, the course has successfully hosted PGA Championship events, a US Senior’s Open and the prestigious Ryder Cup.

El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Gosh this place looks rather intimidating from the get-go. It’s definitely time to take a drop if your ball goes in one of those subterranean caves (pictured). The El Cameleon golf course gets its deceptively whimsical name from the chameleon due to its ever-changing challenges. Playing a round here means you have to stay alert for the plenty of hazards abound. Think, huge sand dunes, mangrove lined fairways and tropical lagoons.

Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club, South Australia.

The Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club has been offering a unique course for golfers since way back in 1976.  This interesting looking golf course is somewhat reminiscent of a Mad Max movie set as it traverses the desert flats and gibber hills of Coober Pedy. The greens are black, and the fairways are white! Would you believe that many golfers have actually found an opal whilst playing a round here? You should, because it’s a true story.   

La Jenny Golf Course, Aquitaine, France.

Ok, so the above photo really shows you why this course is so unique. I mean the nudity is pretty self-explanatory. Naturist golfers will certainly feel free during a round at La Jenny. Rumoured to be the only club in Europe where golf is practiced nude. You’d want to be slip, slop slappin before heading out to play this most unusual 6-hole course (4 par 3, 2 par 4). Oh la la!

Extreme 19th at Legend Golf & Safari Resort, South Africa.

Only accessible by helicopter, the tee shot on Hanglip Mountain is 400m above ground. Pro golfers and celebrities alike tend to venture here from all around the world for a chance at making the most difficult par-3 on the planet. Playing golf here is bound to be a phenomenal, once in a lifetime experience.

Nullarbor Links, Western Australia to South Australia

The Nullarbor Links concept is unique. The 18-hole par 72 golf course spans 1,365 kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Each hole will include a green and tee and somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway. The course provides a quintessential Australian golfing experience unmatched anywhere in the world.

Cruit Island Golf Club, Ireland

Reaching this remote course, set above the wild and rugged Atlantic ocean on the very edge of Ireland, is almost as dramatic as the course itself. A single-lane track, with minimal passing points, is used for the last several miles of your journey to reach this unbelievably beautiful and unspoilt part of the country.

The driveway through the course, where you must beep your horn to warn out-of-sight golfers about your presence, gives you a glimpse of the undulating course but the real magical stuff is hidden from view and saved for later.

Fuji Golf Course, Japan

Fuji Golf Course is one of Japan’s most renowned traditional golf courses. At this resort course, which skilfully utilizes the terrain at the foot of Mt. Fuji, you get to enjoy majestic views of the iconic mountain from various angles.

Holes are separated by Japanese Red Pine and the fairway is broad and flat overall. Also due to the small intervals between courses, Fuji Golf Course is the perfect place to play golf while walking and gazing at Mt. Fuji. There are many highly strategic elements; in particular, you will feel challenged by playing on the high-speed green that is down grain from Mt. Fuji. Hint: after playing a round, relax in the natural hot spring there.

The Hills, Arrowtown, New Zealand

A highly-ranked members only (limited opportunities for visitors to play are available) golf course that masquerades as an impressive sculpture park. Players can admire the many permanent works created by New Zealand and international artists that are scattered throughout the course at their leisure. Fortunate enough be staying here? Good for you, because The Lodge boasts a stunning collection of paintings and sculptures curated by Sir Michael Hill and Lady Christine for their own and their guests' enjoyment. What a fantastic way to combine a luxury golfing getaway with an art themed holiday.

Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course, Idaho, USA

There’s nothing normal about the 14th hole at Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course in Idaho. I mean, what’s more unique than a floating green? Think on this and get back to me please. Claimed to be the world’s only movable green, a computer controls the daily distances. This 22,000-ton marvel changes position via an intricate, underwater cable system. Each day, the par 3 hole moves anywhere from 120 metres from the ladies’ tee and up to 200 metres from the championship tees. Players have to catch a ferry across to this quirky hole via an electric boat.