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Talking Golf With Tisha

Tisha is a big-time golf personality, a popular sports broadcaster, and a vocal advocate for women in golf. Known for her love of the game and her can-do attitude, Tisha Alyn Abrea achieved her fierce rise to fame by creating a strategically cultivated social presence. A professional golfer from Southern California, she quickly made herself known outside of the pro tour through her social media platforms. Tisha is a talented golf trickshot artist, TV presenter, and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. She’s also an influencer, an entertainer, a role model, and a certified mover and shaker in the golf world.

Are we more like to find you on the course, at Top Golf, or practicing trick shots at home?
It’s definitely a tie between Topgolf and the golf course. But you better believe I’ll be doing trickshots on both!

What do you think of the current crop of Australian pro golfer gals?
I think the current crop is very talented. I recently had the opportunity to play with Katherine Kirk in an LPGA ProAm. She’s not only a great golfer but also a lot of fun!

You work out and lift weights regularly. How and why is strength training important to you?
I’m very big on living a healthy lifestyle. I’m also the US leading face of Fitbit as one of their trainers. When I’m feeling good physically, it doesn’t just allow me to be stronger and play better - it influences my mental game too.  

Have you ever been star-struck meeting an elite athlete in your role as a presenter?
I just had the opportunity to interview Tiger Woods and spend one-on-one time on the course with him. Being around so many celebrities, athletes, and personalities often, I don’t usually get star-struck, but this was definitely a “pinch me” moment.

Dream golfing destination?
I love being in tropical countries and a sucker for white sandy beaches and clear water… so anywhere with that view. I also have never played in Australia, so I’d love to experience that someday too! 

You’re a Puma Golf ambassador. Tell us about the brand’s role in the modern woman’s golf world? 
PUMA golf plays a huge role in the modern women’s golf world. They are always up to date with styles and fashion and have the most variety. PUMA golf is amazing at always pushing style boundaries and that’s what I’m here for! 

Any tips to share with the next gen of golfers looking to go pro?
Be your own hype woman! You must believe that you’re the best and have full confidence in yourself. The only thing getting in the way of you and your goal is your own self-doubt.

Are you seeing an increase in young women playing the game and if yes, how best do we encourage them to keep it up?
Women’s golf is absolutely growing. The best way to encourage women to keep at it is to introduce their girlfriends to the game as well. With golf being such a male-dominated sport, it’s easy to be intimated. Places like TopGolf are a fun way to introduce them to the game. 

What’s next in your golf career for the rest of 2022?
My life is ever-changing, and I take pride in being very adaptable. But what’s next? Continuing to grow the game of golf and break boundaries - all while showing how fun life can be! 

Follow Tisha’s energetic golf antics on Instagram @tishaalyn and over at TikTok @tisha_alyn

Words: Roxanne Williams