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Steph Kyriacou - An Interview

Steph Kyriacou is a 19 year old Australian pro golfer making a name for herself amidst the international golfing world in a big way. Steph turned professional in February 2020, shortly after her impressive win at the prestigious Australian Ladies Classic. Due to her (then) amateur status Steph was unable to collect the $59,000 prize money on offer at the esteemed Bonville event. Steph’s 1st place triumph did however propel her directly onto the global stage of ladies golf and that awesome Australian Ladies Classic tournament win in turn earned her a two-year exemption for the subsequent Ladies European Tour. For a sportsperson who wasn’t scheduled to go pro so early in their life, her promising pro golfing career trajectory already looks certain.


Q. Hello Steph, thanks so much for chatting to the team at Ladies Golf Magazine. You’ve had some excellent results on the European leg of the LGPA tour. What are some of your recent game highlights?

A. Hey guys ! Yeah, I’ve been playing well at the moment and I’m really happy with the results. I made my first cut at the British Open - which was also my first major. Following that I’ve got a 5th in the Czech Republic, a 2nd in the Swiss Open and then an outright 5th in France.  

Q. You won the Australian Ladies Classic at Bonville earlier this year. How did winning such a prestigious tournament make you feel? Was it a shock or were you focused on the trophy from the moment you hit off?

A. I mean I usually play in events to win, but obviously at the time I didn’t think that I had a high chance of winning. After I’d won, I was still in shock and it never really hit me until I got home where all my family and friends were cheering for me.  

Q. Please tell us about your coach and your training methods.

A. My coach is Gary Barter from the Australian Golf Club, I’ve been working with him for over 2 years now. My training methods are pretty simple, I’m out on the course more than I am on the practise facilities... I think that’s the best practise you can get.  

Q. Steph, do you have any pre-game superstitions?

A. I wouldn’t say I have superstitions; I have routines I do like to follow but if it doesn’t go according to plan then it’s not going to affect me and how I play the game.  

Q. What other fitness activities interest you?

A. Not sure if it’s a fitness activity but I spend most of my spare time at the beach. During the Covid pandemic I’ve really got into playing tennis too- which I’m now loving.

Q. Which female athletes do you most admire and why?

A. Karrie was always my idol growing up and for obvious reasons. She’s just an absolute legend and there’s so much to learn from her.


Q. Sure, you’re only young yourself but have you already got your eye on any junior players coming through the ranks?

A. Honestly, I’m not too sure about the current lot of juniors, most of them are my age. In saying that, one of my best mates, Grace Kim, is definitely one to keep an eye out for.


Q. Which golf course (anywhere in the world) would you love to play someday soon?

A. Augusta for sure! That place has got to be on every golfers bucket list. 


Q. Do your friends have a social hit with you? If so, where’s your crew most likely to tee off from for fun?

A. Yeah, I have a social hit with a few of my mates, I bring them out to St Michaels and sometimes Randwick.  


Q. Dream sponsor? Don’t be shy, aim high.

A. Nike.

Q. Which is your favourite tournament on the LPGA tour?

A. The Women’s Open for sure. I also like the ANA event - because of their tradition of jumping into the lake. 

Q. Want to share any technical tips with our readers?

A. I don’t really have any specific technique tips. Just do what feels right! 


Q. What’s the most exciting moment in professional golf you’ve ever seen?

A. Tigers comeback.  

Q. What do you miss most about home when you’re traveling on tour?

A. I miss my family and friends a lot. And also the coffee in oz! The coffee over here is nowhere as near as good as it is back home.  

Q. Finally, what’s next for Steph?

A. I have a few tournaments coming up in November. 1 in Dubai, 2 in Saudi and another in Spain. Then after those events hopefully I’ll be coming home.

Well, it sure seems that Stephanie’s results are already showing great merit. 2020 has seen her take out the Australian Ladies Open, secure a commendable 2nd place win at the Swiss Ladies Open and then a tidy 5th at the French event. Here at Ladies Golf Magazine we think that’s a top performance from Australia’s most favoured ‘one to watch’ teen golfers. Eyes on the prize for the upcoming Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic Steph.  

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By Roxanne Williams