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Meet Hannah Leiner

Hannah Leiner is an emerging and determined golf pro from Miami, Florida. At 16 she qualified for the US Am event and was one of the youngest competitors playing alongside the best amateurs in the USA. Now, at 22, Leiner’s confidence and commitment to her sport is beginning to pay off. 

You started out as a professional dancer. Why did you move to golf?

I started dancing at age 2 and competing at 7. My dance schedule was from the minute I finished school until 10pm. The only day off I had was Sundays, which was when (at aged 5) my father first introduced me to golf. At first, I didn’t like it and was under the impression that it was a “guy” sport. At 12, dad decided to put me in our country clubs golf camp where I met other girls who played. That got me excited and when I heard they competed in tournaments every Monday, I wanted to join. I won my second ever golf tournament and it took off from there! 

You have a huge social following. Does this benefit your golfing career? 

I’ve been building my social media for a while, and it has given me many amazing memories. I had the opportunity to be on Holey Moley Season 2, play in the 2021 LPGA ShopRite Classic Pro-Am (my team and I took first place the second day) and be part of the recent Aramco Team Series in NYC. Growing your brand and image on social media can be extremely beneficial to your career. 

Tell us about you sponsor, PXG. 

PXG is such a blessing. I have comfort knowing I’m playing with clubs that truly bring out the best in my game. PXG has been evolving in the golf world and I’m very excited to be part of their journey.

Favourite club in your bag?

Right now (and probably always) it’s my driver. There’s no better feeling than bombing drives. 

Your golf fashion style is modern and sexy. Have you had any dress code issues? 

Thank you! As the golf world keeps evolving with societies norms, I truly believe golf fashion is changing for the better. When I was transitioning from being a dancer to a golfer it was frustrating trying to find cute and comfortable clothes to play in, there wasn’t many options for young women! There was one incident when I was wearing my SCHOOL UNIFORM skirt and my own club said it was too short. I was told to leave or go to the back of the range where no one would see me. As someone who’s been playing golf all their life, I respect the etiquette of the clubs and understand there’s a time and place for the outfits I choose to wear. 

Any advice for young girls starting out in golf?

Find your friend group and play with people who are better than you. When dad introduced me to golf (even though he is my biggest supporter) we had our fair share of disagreements on the course. I didn’t fall in love with golf until I met other girls my age who were passionate about golf. Playing with players better than you improves your game tremendously. It’s fun, plus there’s that competitive aspect because you want to win. Drive and motivation keeps you hungry for success.  

If you weren’t a golfer, what would you be? 

I’d 100% be in fashion. Mum once had her own fashion line in Miami- it runs in my blood to dress for success. Fashion is a way to express myself and stand out, especially in golf. My motto is “look good, feel good, play good,” because confidence starts with what you can control. 

Toughest course you have played? 

There’s a few courses I played in North Carolina that had crazy narrow tree lines and turtle shell greens. I’m always up for a challenge, but these courses were just impossible. For example, one time my group was putting and the girl I was playing with wanted to finish out, I was setting up my next putt and removed my ball mark. She proceeded to make her putt, and the vibration of her ball hitting the hole sent my 6 foot putt rolling all the way off the green. Lesson learned, never lift your ball mark until the players in your group finish out.

What’s next for you? 

I’ve several events and projects coming up that I’m super excited about! I’m looking forward to seeing what the 2022 season brings.