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Introducing Su Ann Heng, LIV Tour Commentator, Golf Analyst and DJ!

Women’s Golf Magazine called up one of the best media personalities in the golf industry, Su Ann Heng to see what’s happening in her exciting career.

Q. How did you transition from professional golfer to golf media star?

A: During a visit back home to Singapore from my base in the states, I was luckily invited to be a guest on a golf studio show as a pundit/analyst.  At the time I was on the tail end of my playing career and was already considering what the next chapter of my life would bring. I had so much fun on that first show and really enjoyed talking about golf. Subsequently, I got invited to return, which then led to other media opportunities and the rest is history. 

Q. What is your top career highlight so far?

A: Oh, tough one. It's a tie between co-commentating with Bubba Watson and doing on-site reporting at The Masters. 

Q. How does commentating on the LIV Tour differ from traditional formats?

A: The technicalities of the commentary are quite similar i.e. I still have to talk about the shot, playing conditions, etc. However, given that the format of LIV is completely different from traditional formats, (54 holes, shotgun start, team and individual competition) it does provide me with several more storylines/angles on which to focus.

Also, with it being a shotgun start, there's constant action all over the course at the same time and things can change drastically very quickly so I always have to pay close attention to that. Also, because it is a shotgun start, all players finish on different holes and depending on the course, sometimes that can make things very interesting with the variety of closing stretches for the leaders and chasers which is something I’ve always found quite interesting. 

Q. Do you think LIV will launch a women’s tour anytime soon?

 A: Honestly, as a commentator, I stay out of the business side, so I don't really know but it would be fantastic if LIV made a move to women’s golf – it would turbocharge our sport.  

Q. We hear you’re a DJ too!  

 A: Yeah, I am! I love all kinds of music and probably have the most eclectic playlist. Good music is timeless and I have everything from Frank Sinatra to Drake. If I had to pick my favourite genres, its hip hop and R&B. 

Q. What does a great golf holiday in Singapore entail?

A: A round of golf followed by a spa/massage in the afternoon. Make sure you visit a local hawker centre and try all kinds of delightful food. When in Singapore, you have to indulge in the food. It’s a big part of our culture and we take a lot of pride in it. Wrap it up at a quirky bar at a shophouse downtown. 

 Q. Do you ever get nervous on camera?  

A: Pretty much all the time. I've found that being prepared is my way of combating nerves. I take extra time to prep, gather my thoughts, jot down pointers along the way, and I take three deep breaths before I go on air. Sometimes I sing a little to take my mind off things…

Q. Who are you favourite pro golfers to analyse and why?

1)  Dustin Johnson- every aspect of his game is so solid, but one of the most brilliant aspects of his game is how he plots around the course and adapts quickly. 

 2) Joaquin Nieman- one of the most creative players out there. He’s so good at manipulating ball trajectory and shot shaping. Never really know what he's going to do.

 3) Lydia Ko - what's not to love about her? Just watching her come out the gates breaking all records for "youngest ever to...", to overcoming her struggles and then emerging again into the winner's circle. Ko’s game has evolved over the years and it's been so interesting to witness. Most of all it's so impressive to see her determination to be the best. Plus, she's one of the nicest humans on the planet. 

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Words: Roxanne Andrews