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Golf Tuition – Private, Online or Group?

What’s the Difference and What’s Best for you

PGA Pro and regular contributor to Women’s Golf Magazine, Paige Stubbs from ‘Under Par Golf’ shares her golf tuition knowledge to help you find out what type of class will suit you best.


In Person Private Lessons:

Tailored, one-on-one coaching. Price ranges between $60 - $80 AUD for ½ hour or $120 - $140 AUD for an hour dependent on the coach.

Group Lessons:

More feasible option as the cost of the session is split between 1 or more participants. The cost can range between $25 - $60 AUD for an hour session, dependent on number of participants.

Online Lessons:

Monthly or yearly subscription with online tailored coaching packages that can work out to be more cost effective. This includes unlimited access to your coach 24/7, personalised videos and content as well as the option of live zoom calls to help support you on your golfing journey.

Social Aspect

In Person Private Lessons and Online Lessons:

One-on-one lessons will help build a strong relationship with your coach however you will miss out on team comradery and socialising with other similar level golfers.

Group Lessons:

A great way to meet people and make golfing friends to practice and play with. It is important that you are participating in classes that are for your golfing ability.

Having a practice buddy in the same class helps you practice the correct skills and techniques; they can also help with solutions to a problem.

Group classes alleviate pressures associated with feeling embarrassed by hitting a bad shot as they notice others hit poor shots too. Group classes can be more encouraging and supportive due to the team comradery aspect.


In Person Private Lessons:

One-on-one, customised and personalised tuition and plan to meet your goals and training specific to your goals, technique, and inconsistencies.

Group Lessons:

Clinics are great for learning basic techniques however getting exactly what you need for your swing can be difficult. You get limited time from the coach as you are sharing their time. This can impact your learning and if poor mechanics aren’t picked up in time, this could cause bad habits that might be hard to break. I believe group sessions are great for learning golf or getting the basic touch ups!

Online Lessons:

One-on-one, customised and personalised tuition and plan to meet your goals and training specific to your goals, technique and inconsistencies. Online portal gives you 24/7 access to your coach to make sure you do not implement bad habits whilst training or wait 3 weeks to see your coach in person to check your swing. It creates a personalised space with your specific drills and videos, stopping you from searching through countless Youtube videos that may not be the right technique for you.


In Person Private Lessons and Online Lessons:

One-on-one lessons can be more suited for an introverted personality type as learning on their own would make them perform better (less pressures than performing in front of a group).

Group Lessons:

Suitable for more extroverted personality types as you’re surrounded by and build connections with other golfers.


In Person Private Lessons:

The great thing about one-on-one lessons is that it allows you to work at your own pace and set a timeframe specific for your goals. Having the teacher’s total attention means you can ask questions and slow down the pace of your tuition – which gives you a better understanding and improves your overall performance.

Group Lessons:

Group lessons are planned at specific times per week, and this may not fit into your schedule. It may also not be provided in your timeframe of reaching your goals. 

Online Lessons:

Provides flexible time to improve your game. The technology makes it super easy to have live or recorded sessions for you to complete in your own time. With online lessons you have access to the recorded analysis and information via the online portal to revisit repeatedly which improves memory improve retention. As soon as you leave a lesson you lose 30% of the information. After a week, you lose another 40% which means you only retain 30% of what you have learned. That’s why online lessons are great as you always have access to the information and will likely improve faster.

Online gives the coach plenty of time to assess and analyse your swing to make clear and concise decisions of what to work on, rather than them having to jump to a conclusion due to the time constraint of in-person lessons. 

If you’re short of time, have limited physical access and want customised tuition and ongoing support to improve your golf game at your fingertips, download the ‘Skillest’ App and search ‘Paige Stubbs’ to subscribe to one of my coaching packages!


PGA Teaching Professional, Castle Hill Country Club, Sydney.

Paige has a double degree from the University of Canberra – a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Exercise Science. After completing her studies, Paige turned pro (2015) and travelled the world playing on the WPGA, CLPGA and the LET Tour.

Paige’s tour experience and education enabled her to develop a holistic approach to coaching. She offers mental game, technical and on course private, online and group tuition. 



Instagram: @paigestubbsgolf

Facebook: @paigestubbsgolf

Skillest App: Paige Stubbs