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The introduction of technology to golf over the last 10 years has been quite astounding. From the emergence of the golf simulator business off-course to the large array of small devices that make our game better on the course, I will go through a small number of these high-tech gadgets to help you understand their purpose and how they are helping us improve and grow the game of golf that we all love.


Garmin Approach® S12

The Garmin Approach® S12 is a terrific GPS golf watch that women often purchase. Here’s why…

  • Internal, rechargeable battery provides up to 30 hours in GPS mode.
  • The round watch design offers a high-resolution screen that’s easily readable - even on the sunniest days.
  • It comes preloaded with more than 42,000 maps of golf courses around the world.
  • This watch keeps your score too. Upload directly to the Garmin Golf app to participate in weekly leaderboards.
  • The course maps give distances to hazards and doglegs so you know exactly where they’re hiding no matter where you are on the course.

    Meanwhile, the Garmin Approach® S42 does everything the Approach S12 does and some. You see, asides from looking very fashionable this model is
    much more than just a golf watch. Wear it 24/7 and get smart notifications. Take advantage of built-in sports apps and activity-tracking features, including the move bar, vibration alerts, calories, steps and sleep. Note: this watch is designed for lowering your score on the course and upping your style off the course. Very nice!


    Not only can you play at the golf course and the driving range, but nowadays there are golf simulator businesses popping up in all cities, suburbs and regional areas of Australia, These simulator businesses allow golfers of all ages to play golf in an indoor environment and play on golf courses from all around the world. The golf simulator business is bringing a new breed of golfer to the game.  

    Now there are no excuses, even if it’s bad weather you can still go play 18 holes on thousands of different golf courses from around the world. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can book the booths for 30 minutes and have a short practice and/or lesson indoors. There are golf leagues to join for social engagement or you might decide to have a game with your mates or your family. Most of these venues serve food and beverages too. It’s not only a great way to start your golfing journey - it also assists those at the professional level.    

    The simulators provide a lot of technical data including club head speed, launch angles, attack angles to the ball, and distances. All of this information is on the big screen right in front of you.

    If you love the game of golf so much you can even put these golf simulators in at home. Smaller budgets can purchase a Full Swing Golf launch monitor. These launch monitors are super accurate and used by leading golf professionals like John Rahm, Tiger Woods and Jason Day. The Full Swing Golf launch monitor can be purchased at any Drummond Golf store for $7,995.00. The monitors are portable, you can take it to the driving range and get instant feedback or you can set it up at home using a net. Want to go that extra level? Convert your garage or a spacious area in your house into a full simulator room.


    The GPS and rangefinder business has grown significantly with golfers now wanting the best and easiest way to have accurate measurements - to the pin, bunkers, hazards and anywhere on the golf course, without needing to constantly charge the battery each time you play.

    GPS devices rely on satellites and accurate mapping of the course. They predominately provide you measures to the front, back and middle of the green and also the distance to carry bunkers and other hazards on the course. GPSs need regular charging.

    Rangefinders on the other hand rely on lasers to operate and can give you accurate distances direct to where you point the laser, mostly the pin, in fact within centimetres. They are powered by a battery which usually lasts around 6 months so there is no need to have to recharge every time you play.

    Many rangefinder brands are on the market including Golfbuddy, Sureshot and Target Caddie. One of the leaders in developing rangefinders is Bushnell, who recently released a new model.

    The New Bushnell V6 and V6 Shift Rangefinders

    The all-new Bushnell V6 models use new and improved technology. A feature that sets it apart from previous models is that it now has a waterproof rating. The V6 Shift model has a button that can be switched on or off which will calculate the slope and provide the yardages for less or extra distances for downhill and uphill shots.


    These sensors can be purchased and screwed into the top of the grip of each club you have in your bag. They are paired to your smartphone and have their own apps.  

    Golf club sensors track your shots around the course and can give you all the data you need to help improve your game, from the distance of every shot you hit, to tracking greens in regulation and putts.   

    The analysis of your game is just one further tool used to help you improve as it will highlight which clubs you need further practice in. Learning how far you hit each club more accurately will surely help you get closer to the pin in future games. I like the Arccos Caddie sensors because they have an inbuilt GPS too.  

    In summary, golf technology has come a long way over the last few years and it is now more readily available for personal use and in a big way in your homes/businesses.

    Words by Jacqui Brownson
    Pop in and see Jacqui Brownson the Franchisee of
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