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Drummond Golf oct 2020
Chatting with Griff Pippin from the Country Club Adjacent

Women’s Golf Magazine happened to be dining on a non-descript hotel breakfast when they chanced upon Griff Pippin – the satirical/offensive/surprisingly well-dressed (well his t-shirt had no wrinkles & the socks matched) hilarious (debatable) co-host from the Country Club Adjacent – a foursome of self-proclaimed ‘stand-up comedians doing golf different’.

Naturally, I ambushed him and politely challenged him to be funny in print. No easy feat for lads who use comedic skits that get huge hits on that internet thingamajig. Or is it? 

You told me in person you’re confident enough to roast women’s golf, that you’re not scared to ‘take the piss’. Go!
Absolutely. Equal opportunity offender. Would love to be able to sit on a tee box and roast the golfers at an LPGA event again. I would roast Nelly Korda’s swing because it has no flaws to the point that I bet she’s never even broken the speed limit even when she was late going to work. Perfect. I would like to roast the TV networks and the internet for not giving the LPGA enough exposure. Would love to see them shine more and have people realise how much fun the players truly are. 

What was your first LPGA tour event experience like?
It was at Palos Verdes in LA. Amazing experience and I left feeling incredibly inspired by the golf I saw. I wish they sold more merch for that event cuz I was ready to rock it!

Who is the funniest pro golfer you have spent time with?
John Daly. 

Give me three words to describe the typical Australian athlete.
Work and play.

What was your experience like at the LIV golf tournament in Adelaide?
I think Adelaide is super underrated. The LIV event there was one of the greatest tournaments I’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to a lot of golf tournaments. 

Greg Norman has a really, really big swing. True or false?

Oh, it’s the biggest swing in golf. 

Golf fashion - which country reps the best dress sense on the course?
I feel like the Swedish win this one. 

Hannah Green is a great name for a golfer, give me another example.
Tiger Woods tbh!

What’s more intimidating? Australian wildlife, gun-toting USA folk, or a chance late-night encounter with Paige Spiranac?
Australian wildlife for sure. Giant spiders and snakes under your bed keep you from sleeping well. When you don’t sleep well - you play worse the next day. Thinking of giant Spiders alone can cost you 3-4 strokes a round. 

Best destination to get on the booze and go golfing? Australia or Ireland?

How important is the role of comedy in today’s society?
It’s incredibly important with all the struggles everyone is dealing with in mental health. My favourite definition of laughter is “tangible evidence of hope.”

Do your parents love you?
Still trying to figure that out. 

CCA’s medium for the masses is predominantly via video and podcasts. Do you think print is still relevant?
Print isn’t dead. I think the coolest people I know still consume a lot of print. Reading print in a solid coffee shop will never die!

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Words by Roxanne Andrews