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Meet World Long Drive Competitor, Troy Cherie Mullins aka the Trojan Goddess

Introducing Troy Cherie Mullins aka, the Trojan Goddess. A champion World Long Drive Competitor, LPGA & PGA Tour ambassador and all-round golf enthusiast.

Q. Hello Troy, how are you and what have you been up to lately?
I’m great. I have been super busy. I have been doing Ambassador work for the LPGA Tour ANA Inspiration and the PGA Tour Classic. And as always, working on my golf game. 

Q. You’re a competitor on the World Long Drive Tour, these events are super exciting to watch. What’s been your favourite tournament so far?
I of course loved the event that I won, the 2017 Mile High Championship but my favourite event was the one in Mesquite. It was the first place I ever competed in long drive and it’s set right against the mountains. It’s so beautiful there!

Q. Ok, myself (and our readers) have to know – exactly how far can you bomb it?
My longest drive is 402 yards.

Q. Your nickname is the Trojan Goddess. Please explain?
When I was running track as a kid my coach used to call me Trojan because of my name and also because my dad ran for USC. And then when I started golfing, I met these guys on the range that always called me the Golf Goddess. So, when I got on Instagram my name was taken and so I combined my two nicknames into Trojan Goddess. 

Q. You were an accomplished heptathlete at Cornell University until a hamstring injury turned your focus to golf. Do you miss competing in other events?
I enjoyed running fast but I don't miss how grueling and strenuous the track workouts were.

Q. Your father was an Olympian, is that correct? Is your whole family pretty sporty?
My father, Billy Mullins, was supposed to compete in the 1980 Olympics in Track and Field but, that was the year that the US boycotted. So, he never got to compete, even though he had the world record in the 400 in ‘78, ‘79. Some of my siblings definitely inherited our fathers’ genetics but I wouldn't say all of us are sporty. I think as his first child I was lucky enough to have absorbed most of his power.

Q. Have you been to Australia? By the way, our beaches are much nicer than California’s (except for the sharks, jellyfish and crocodiles).
Wow. Better than California? I have never been. My grandparents got married there.

Q. Are you aiming to qualify for the LPGA tour one day?
Yes. I have decided to become more focused on stroke play and work on my overall game. I would like to go to Q School in the fall and hopefully play more events next year. 

Q. What’s your dream golf destination?
I would love visit Italy and all my vacations always involve golf! 

Q. You also work as an academic tutor. That must be rewarding!
It started out as a means to afford golf and then it became my outlet. I love teaching kids and seeing the look on their faces when they understand the subject on their own and the confidence building.

Q. Finish this sentence. Golf fashion is....
“Personal.” I find that I like to wear things that are more my style and that isn’t always something you can find in women’s golf apparel. This is why I have started designing and drawing so that I will one day develop my own clothing line. 

Age: 34
Hometown: Los Angeles       
Sponsors: Taylormade, Michelob Ultra, Lamkin Grips
Top Results: 2017 Mile High Champion, 402-yard drive, Longest Drive by an American Woman.